Infidelity in a relationship can get ugly. That's why you need a private investigations firm like "Eye Q Investigations" to ensure you get all the facts before you proceed with any course of action. We will help you find out the truth in regard to any infidelity issues, scandals or other falsities you believe may have occurred or are currently taking place. Be assured that we hold our client confidentially as the number one priority. All names, information, details, pictures and findings are completely confidential and will only be released to our clients or their attorney, when applicable.

Tracking down information to prove infidelity or to support divorce proceedings is a sensitive matter so you need true professionals on your case in order to present the findings in a court of law. Eye Q Investigations are experts in securing credible evidence and testifying in court if needed at a later time.

Our investigators are trained in the art of video mobile surveillance and other covert, but legal methods, of securing evidence and we have successfully assisted our clients in all types of Domestic and Family Law cases. The staff at Eye Q will collect the evidence you need and provide you with answers to ease your mind, one way or another.

At Eye Q Investigations, we understand that each case is unique and sensitive in its own right. Therefore, your investigator will consult with you on the methods and tactics that could be used for your individual case. You can feel secure that we will discuss any changes, suggestions or any other available options with you and obtain your consent before moving forward with any actions. Eye Q is licensed, insured and bonded by the State of New York and all of our researchers and investigations are performed within the parameters set forth by State and Federal law.