Missing Persons

If you need help attempting to track down someone, you've come to the right place. Eye Q's top investigators have been frequently used to help solve missing persons cases, as well as locate people for many other reasons.

Your local authorities may not have the proper personnel or resources to devote to locating a missing person or teenager, so our experts have been called upon to take the lead on these types of investigations. Eye Q has worked in conjunction with the local precincts when necessary. Some of our clients have lost contact with family members or may be trying to track down biological relatives. Our staff utilizes many resources and its diverse background dealing with law enforcement.

Eye Q can sympathize with families going through the ordeal and emotional rollercoaster of having a missing loved one.

As of December 31, 2013, the National Crime Information Center contained 84,136 active missing person records. Juveniles under the age of 18 accounted for 33,849 (40.2 %) of the records and 9,706 (11.5 %) were for juveniles between the ages of 18 and 20.

A crisis such as a missing child can be traumatizing to a family for years. Authorities can not always provide the around the clock attention necessary to provide closure for you. Our agents are proactive with immediate help to get to the bottom of your missing child or adult's whereabouts before the element of danger intensifies.

Runaway teens, child abductions, kids that get caught up with the wrong crowds are all situations that our team has come across throughout the years. At Eye Q, our aim is to prevent your child from becoming one of the aforementioned statistics and keeping your family unit intact.

Adults with Alzheimer's Disease or who have become disoriented for whatever reason may require our missing persons location services. Eye Q's investigators can help with kidnapping cases, human trafficking and forced prostitution situations.

We are also sensitive to the fact that many missing persons cases may involve those with mental illness, disabilities or medical conditions that require medication. Time is of the essence with these types of cases. Our staff is trained in locating these special needs persons and will deal with their cases with professionlism and sensitivity.

Another situation that might require this service occurs when attorneys need to locate a witness for a trial or criminal case. Eye Q's professional, discreet staff is able to locate the person for whom you are searching, through our experience, knowhow and array of contacts. Witness are not always forthcoming or even aware of their value to a court proceeding. We'll do our best to secure their location and testimony to bolster your case.